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Everybody Can't Be In Your Front Row

Sometimes life has a way of punching you. Disappointments, heartbreaks, loss, anxiety, failures, misunderstandings and so much more. However, learning how to place people in their proper position can be the ultimate game changer!

Everybody can't be in your front row...

Some people are meant to simply watch your greatness from afar. Some are meant to see the up close and personal debut. Others will have VIP and even backstage passes. Nevertheless, there will be some who will just miss the show altogether. Learning to set your stage, stadium or platform to benefit you is a wonderful gift.

Build a circle or audience of people who will support you and watch you conquer! Give bullhorns to your front row seats and binoculars to your haters! Keep in mind you don’t owe no apologies to any but yourself. Take life's punches but whatever your do GET BACK UP! Then, just remind yourself....

Everybody can't be in your front row...